Oddly for a successful person, you’re stuck in a rut.

Maybe you’ve sold out of the business, but can’t let business go.

Maybe you’re nearing retirement, but don’t feel at all retiring.

Maybe you’re longing to quit, but think you can’t afford to.

What next? Where do you start?

What if you fail?

We’re Rutbusters.

And we’re here to help people like you make this change the best in your working life.

For just about every successful professional there will come a moment when that successful professional life has to change.

It can be daunting, dislocating, and challenging in ways you’re unaccustomed to. In our experience it’s quite hard for successful people to admit they absolutely haven’t a clue what to do next.

We call this the paradox of confidence: change hits hard.

At Rutbusters we’re here to make that change a positive new track rather than a positively dislocating derailment. How?

We’re seasoned senior professionals from varied backgrounds with many decades’ experience.  We’ve all had our own bumps in the road and major successes too and have most likely been where you are now.   We’ve become Rutbusters because we care vehemently about maximising all that life has to give and all that we can give to life.  We’re coaches and mentors – not therapists:  it’s you who’s in the driving seat, we simply are here to help you clarify and achieve your goals.

Let’s start now. Make the call.

in short:

  • We equip smart people to change.
  • We reframe your skill sets for a new future.
  • We remove stigma and fear and replace them with confidence and control.
  • We do this by exploring different perspectives, providing direction and focus, and delivering a complete framework of support that goes from ‘what on earth do I do now?’ to ‘here’s how I’m going to do it’.

Delivered by like-minded, impartial, successful people who’ve done it themselves. Change is in our DNA. It makes us unique.

We’ll bust out the best in you and make every change a change for the better.

What our clients say about us

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