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The lockdown is unlocking all sorts of things in people, from a new appreciation of birdsong to a new appreciation of the pointlessness of […]

The seven steps to overcome the fear of making a career change

Fear and self-doubt are common feelings for those going through or anticipating career changes – we know from our own research that there are […]

Lawyer wellbeing: Why a challenge is equal to work/life balance

While a new found love for a work/life balance in the legal profession is to be welcomed, Kedge Martin’s article in Solicitors Journal, explains […]

The trend for mid-life career changes is gaining momentum

It was interesting to read about how cycling champion Sir Bradley Wiggin is taking a degree in social work as a first step in […]

Many senior employees feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied by their jobs

HR Magazine picked up on our recent research that highlighted that managers and professional workers feel stuck in roles they don’t enjoy. As part […]

More than a million bosses feel ‘stuck in a rut’ in jobs they hate

Our mission to start a national debate about the widespread problem of dissatisfaction and feelings of being unfulfilled in the workplace was highlighted by […]

Ground-breaking research has revealed that over one million UK executives are stuck in a rut.

When we set up some research to get a picture of how people were feeling about their work, we had a hunch it would […]

Debunking five myths about changing careers

If you are in your 50s, it’s too late to think of changing careers or — worse — getting back into the workforce after […]

We’re wasting the talents of older workers

So says Jenni Russell of The Times, in a recent article. Jenni has been kind enough to allow us to use the article, and […]

Why shouldn’t the over-50s start a new career?

Is it too late to change your life? A question for the sleepless small hours, perhaps; for the middle-aged and heavily mortgaged, burnt out […]

Quinquagenerians getting a second chance

Quinquagenerians (those between the ages of 50 and 60) are facing new challenges that are peculiar to them. They are part of the ‘sandwich […]

You’re over 50? Great, you’re hired!

There is an episode of the BBC spin-off Young Apprentice in which Lord Sugar invites his precocious charges to the Natural History Museum. Standing […]

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