HR Magazine picked up on our recent research that highlighted that managers and professional workers feel stuck in roles they don’t enjoy.

As part of our campaign to identify HR problems and dissatisfaction in the workplace, we surveyed 1,000 UK managerial and professional workers and found that 14% feel they have been ‘stuck in a rut for quite a period of time’.

One in 10 said they are unhappy at work.

Managers and executives reported feeling persistently ‘very demotivated’ (12%), with low energy (12%), unfulfilled (13%), and/or ‘trapped’ (13%).

The IT and telecoms sector has the highest proportion of managers stuck in ruts (28%) of all sectors, with 17% reporting that they are unhappy at work.

Is this true across all industries?

The creative and media industry has the most satisfied managers, with 48% saying they do not often feel demotivated, and 46% stating that they did not feel as though they had been in a rut.

It’s clear however that demotivation amongst management could be disastrous for productivity.

As Kedge Martin, CEO of Rutbusters commented to the magazine;

“Having 10% or more of your management team hating their job is a pretty big drag on any business, yet our research found this is the norm across British organisations. There is a huge need to help them reboot and re-engage with their work.”

She added that the approach taken towards well-being at work is often far too reactive. “Currently there is rightly a move to be much more open about mental health and wellbeing issues. But too often organisations focus on mopping up problems only once they get serious”.

At Rutbusters we are keen to start a national debate about dealing with the widespread but hidden problem of the misery and feelings of being stuck endured by as many as one million successful executives and managers day in and day out.

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