Our mission to start a national debate about the widespread problem of dissatisfaction and feelings of being unfulfilled in the workplace was highlighted by the Daily Mail.  They quoted from the recent findings from our survey of 1,000 UK managers & senior employees that more than a million managers feel ‘stuck in a rut’ in jobs they hate and one in ten consistently feel ‘very de-motivated’, ‘unfulfilled’ and ‘trapped here’.

These feeling of hopelessness are worse for those over 40, hitting 14 per cent of managers in that age group who agreed with the statement: ‘I have been stuck in a rut for quite a period of time’.

Our chief executive Kedge Martin commented to the paper: ‘Having 10 per cent of your management team hating their job is a pretty big drag on any business, and yet our research found this is the norm across British organisations.’

Kedge added that misery and feelings of being stuck were endured by ‘one million executives and managers day-in and day-out’ and was an issue that could not be ignored, particularly with the recent emphasis on mental well being in the workplace.

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