My 23-year professional journey at some point transitioned from being a conscious direction of travel to the experience of being a passenger strapped into an uncomfortable seat in a slow moving vehicle, slogging agonizingly through a barren landscape, without a destination. The driver and I argued and at some point stopped talking. (He may have even lost consciousness many thousands of miles ago).   Having tried at first going along with the ride and then fruitlessly nudging the general direction of travel a few degrees one way or the other, I finally realised that this was no longer a route I wanted to stick with.  Thank goodness for finding Rutbusters who helped me work out where I really wanted to go and do next.

You can’t trade on your previous status forever; within a short while the capital runs out. You need to find out who you are now, and are going to be from now on. Thank you for helping me see the wood from the trees, making sure the all practical stuff was done too – and helping me land without breaking a leg!

I haven’t looked back since my sessions with you! We sold the house – feels like a BIG new adventure – slightly daunting, mostly exciting, and I can’t say this enough – I WOULD NEVER HAVE FOUND THE COURAGE TO DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

I’m sure it must be common for people to struggle to disconnect themselves from their current occupation to focus on the next; I simply couldn’t have got to where I am now without your help.

Overnight I became a nobody – from recognition and respect, suddenly it wasn’t there. Thank you for helping me clarify who I was, what I wanted to become and giving me the openings to help me get there. I know I wouldn’t be where I am without Rutbusters.

Rutbusters provided a kickstart for me; under the guidance of the coaches and the learnings from the sessions, it made me pause and start to actively think and consider my actions and decisions in a more holistic way. I would probably be continuing to work myself into the ground and neglecting certain parts of my life and myself that really need some reflection, focus and attention.

You’ve given me the confidence to change careers at 46 years old and the inspiration to find a career that was right for me, to help achieve my dreams and aspirations.

For many years I questioned whether I’m really utilising the skills, attributes and personality that I have. My head was constantly racing with thoughts, ideas, ambitions but one of my faults was that I had lost confidence in myself. Thank you for helping me rediscover me.

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