The lockdown is unlocking all sorts of things in people…

From a new appreciation of birdsong to a renewed appreciation of the pointlessness of the daily commute. It’s clear that as a result change is going to happen and so it would be better if that change was one that we could be in control of.

There is no doubt that this new normal of working from home and more flexible working arrangements, aided by online platforms, have made employers move away from more traditional thinking, such as productivity is contingent upon set hours within the office.

However, it has also highlighted on a personal front that some things have become more real, amid the unreal.

Old normal, new normal

How often have you heard people say – or perhaps you yourself say –  ‘family’s the most important thing’ but the lockdown has made you live & feel that for real, perhaps for the first time?

Being at home in close confinement with your loved ones may have given you a new appreciation for them and how they operate.

As one of our clients revealed:

‘Seeing how Zara actually worked, zooming her clients from the kitchen – she was brilliant, just like me 30 years ago – I had no idea…’

So how do you unlock the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity new normal has presented?

Well, we believe that positive change always starts with positive action, so it has been inspiring to read about new businesses being created, like small artisan bakeries from home kitchens (maybe your sough dough creations could spark a new future?); armies of pattern cutters creating bespoke face masks from off-cut material and the newfound energy for vegetable gardens being scaled up to grow organic produce, delivered locally.

Even established businesses are having a wholesale re-think about their services & products to make them coronavirus & future-proof.

It’s clear we can’t go back to the old normal – so we’d better go forwards and embrace the new normal. But how? And what to?

At Rutbusters we’ve ten years of experience helping successful professional people turn big, wrenching life changes into positive outcomes.

One of the exercises from our NextSteps change programme is the Wheel of Life, which helps our clients uncover their true talents, their real motivations, and find out where their heart, as well as their head, might want to lead them.

It’s always fascinating the discussion that follows.

Perhaps the upside to this pandemic would be for people to become more profitably engaged in identifying and changing the things they can, rather than the million and one things they can’t.

Change is going to happen, make it a change for the better.

Whether you’re an individual wondering what to do with the tail end of your working life, or a company that needs to refresh your senior team, Rutbusters is here to help. Please get in touch and let’s chat.


Edited on 6/01/23 for accuracy.