While a new found love for a work/life balance in the legal profession is to be welcomed, Kedge Martin’s article in Solicitors Journal, explains why high-flying lawyers are just as likely to be motivated by earning respect for their work as they are by more time working from home.

New research from Legal Week suggests that more lawyers than ever are working from home (Almost Three Quarters of Lawyers at Large Firms Now Work From Home, Law.com, 25 September), but does this mean that firms are ignoring other strategies that could work to keep their top talent engaged and motivated?

In recent weeks we have seen a spike in the number of partner moves from UK to US firms, a sure sign of the talent war raging in the profession. This makes it even more important for firms to devise working practices that boost retention – particularly if it doesn’t want to wave goodbye to a leading rainmaker.

The offer of a work/life balance may appeal to millennial lawyers, but our research shows that those higher up the career ladder are just as likely to be motivated by the prospect of earning respect and being given a new challenge as they are by more time out of the office.

The challenge for firms is to come up with a project that is aligned to the individual’s skillset and interests, and you can only do this by taking the time to get to know your people again. It is not uncommon managerial wellbeing to be overlooked in the mistaken belief that having achieved partnership, everything is rosy in the firm’s higher echelons.

Offering annual independent ‘work and life audits’ to partners is a great way to identify the individual’s professional and personal challenges so that you can work together to find solutions for managing them.

Here at Rutbusters we specialise in working with professionals to help them reignite their passion for work.

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For more on this topic read Kedge’s article in Solicitor’s Journal: Why challenge is equal to work/life balance for lawyer wellbeing.