Having an independent assessment of your strengths, talents, personality style is vital in building self-awareness, clarifying core talent and the type of role in which you would naturally succeed.

Our assessments reveal the understated aspects of yourself which have the greatest value, but are not often articulated – these are often the key to success.

At Rutbusters we run two assessment programmes which are comprised of the psychometric test itself, the analysis of the results and then an extended feedback session with your coach, which provides a springboard for further discussions.

Pro D combines all the usual personality/ability profiles like MBTI, DISC, SDI etc but goes deeper and beyond to cover in more depth your personality, your motivation and your natural strengths & skills. We find it a really useful tool in building self-awareness and clarifying core talent, which helps provide direction for career paths, leadership potential and fulfilment.

Talent Scan is more personality-based. It is very helpful in pinpointing the type of role in which a person will naturally succeed, as well as other roles where they can expect to perform well, but will have to work harder or in a different way in order to do so.

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