The ‘Next-Steps’ Career Pivot programme comprises of 3-6 sessions in which we help you work out what’s important to you in your next career/life stage and the steps you need to take to get there.

We get to the bottom of the big questions – what sort of person are you? What kind of life appeals to you? What are you best at? What are you best suited to? What are the things that you want most?  What do you really want to do in this next stage?

We look at your existing skills and experience. Which could be best deployed in which new direction? Advocacy could be a powerful asset to your local NHS trust. Your journalism skills could segue into corporate communications. Procurement could be very handy if you go into artisan production. And grey-haired experience in capital raising or project management can be the crown jewels for start-ups.

We look at new skills you might usefully acquire. Like managing relationships – (especially the most important ones you may have taken for granted in the past); like team working – a new experience for those used to directing.

Looking outside we explore new career routes where you could bring your skills, experience and personality to best effect.

We help guide you on where to look and how best to apply for roles that suit you and where you are going to be successful.

Together we clarify your updated personal brand – including preparing your elevator pitch, your CV & social media profiles and develop an action plan for applying for roles you really want.

We help you network and prepare for interviews.

You’ll be startled at the rich seam of capability you have to call on. Inertia and fear are replaced by confidence and control.  And then, because you may feel alone, but aren’t in fact, we put you in touch with like-minded – and indeed like-moulded – people in the Rutbusters network. Contacts who have usually made big change themselves, and who have the means to give practical and effective support for the course you’ve set.

 “I went from shrinking away from change to 100% going for it. I haven’t looked back, except with regret I didn’t do it sooner.”

Rutbusters. We’ll bust out the best in you – and make every change a change for the better.

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