``Wheel of Life``

Wheel of life

Rutbusters ‘wheel of life’ is designed to evaluate your life’s various components as they are now.

A bit like a company balance sheet for yourself, it gives you a snapshot of where you are now. It can tell you what’s going fine, what you’d like improved, what you’d like more of or what you can’t change. Use it to take stock. Use it to prioritise what you want to change, and when.

For example, you may be financially well-off, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like to be even ‘weller’ off in the future.

Or, you may want to move house, but not until your parents’ future is settled.

Or your family and friends have been on the back burner for years, you want them to be the key focus for you from now on.

Download the exercise and then when you’re ready let us help you with the conclusions and what the next steps are that you can make.

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