As a single father, Andy had combined a career with parenting. As a journalist, Andy did this by becoming a freelance writer so that he could (theoretically) control his time. For 25 years, Andy’s work has been published across the UK national media, but he had been aware for some time that he had plateaued. After his youngest child went to university, he recognised he needed a new direction, but the prospect of change was also frightening.

A chance encounter led him to Kedge Martin – as Andy says: “My decision to engage Kedge in her coaching process has been transformative. Kedge is an empathic, active listener with whom I instantly felt comfortable. Her questioning yet non-judgmental approach helped me to clarify the stumbling blocks that were holding me back – a lack of confidence that came from working largely solo for two decades, anxiety about abandoning the safety of what I knew for something risky and different, and an acceptance that if I was going to create a new life for myself, only I could make that happen. Kedge was both reassuring – leaving a comfort zone is difficult – but also challenging – the time for paralysis and prevarication was over and I had to make that leap. She set a deadline and, with the help of encouraging but firm follow-up calls and emails, ensured that I stuck to it.”

Five months after embarking upon coaching with Kedge, Andy has turned the page on a whole new chapter. As Andy noted: “Kedge correctly identified that I had to ‘let go’ of my old career in order to make space for fresh opportunities. We role-played my resignation from the publications where I was a regular contributor. When I executed the plan, I felt some trepidation, but also liberation. Whereas before, I felt burdened by work, I now have a mindset of optimism. It took just a few conversations among my network to kick-start new projects and I am now enjoying deploying my interviewing and writing skills for clients in the corporate and charity sector.

“Kedge’s coaching skills are second to none and, thanks to her guidance, I have already created an invigorating and fulfilling new working life and am viewing my future with energy and excitement. I am enormously grateful to Kedge for her invaluable insights and unstinting support.”