Bimpe comes from Nigeria but was partly educated in the UK; her parents’ expectation was that she would seek a profession. They are both doctors, but Bimpe couldn’t stand the sight of blood, so became a lawyer instead. She worked in Nigeria to begin with and then, after marrying in 1995, moved to London to be with her Cameroonian husband (an investment banker in the City). As they started their family, Bimpe also set up her own legal practice focusing on cross border work between West African and the UK. It was a niche market but one that Bimpe was well qualified to serve.

But after 15 years, Bimpe was restless. Her working day had become increasingly bogged down in tedious problems that revolved around managing the business rather than using her expertise. She needed a change, but couldn’t see a way forward.

Bimple had heard about coaching, but always dismissed it as something for weak people, so was sceptical when someone suggested Rutbusters. As Bimpe says: “From the start, it was an eye-opener. I did some coaching sessions which exposed my strengths, but also some areas of concern. I can be bossy and forthright, which are good attributes as a lawyer dealing with clients, but can be a weakness as a manager if you don’t stop to think about things from another person’s perspective. I also have a strong perfectionist streak, which was holding me back because I wasn’t prepared to give something new a try unless I knew I could excel at it. Part of the programme involved mindfulness sessions with Dr Tara Swart, a leading neuroscientist. Her techniques helped me de-stress, become less agitated and more optimistic about my outlook.

“For years as a lawyer, I had found myself helping clients not just with business litigation but also aspects of their family lives – many of them are high-net-worth individuals moving between Africa and the UK and looking for help with property, children’s education and forward planning. Going through the Rutbusters’ process made me realise I had the right network and the experience to set up a new business in wealth management strategy, which I have now done. It’s called W8 Advisory. I’d feared as I approached 50 that I might be heading for retirement – instead I’m embracing a whole new frontier and my working life is the most fulfilling it’s ever been.”