David is a highly successful lawyer who, having reached retirement age, was required to step down and look for a new direction. He was concerned about what he was going to do next having spent 25 years focused on his profession, working in the same environment and with the same network of colleagues. His anxieties, combined with his unfamiliar feelings of being overwhelmed and confused, were causing friction, which was in turn exacerbated by the potential change in domestic circumstances.

Through one-to-one sessions, David was able to work through options and clarify his priorities while, through the Rutbusters Associate networks, he explored a number of different fields and opportunities by talking to a wide range of contacts.

David has rediscovered his childhood interest in food and is now planning to open a new restaurant. He has regained his self-confidence and enthusiasm and is now greatly enjoying the next stage, recalibrating family relationships whilst building a new business. Having left the firm with such a positive attitude, David has become an active business developer for his former firm within his new and extended networks.