Miles had had a very successful corporate career leading divisions of large blue chip companies, working both internationally and in the UK. His route to the very top looked assured and he led a very comfortable and stable life.

Headhunted to become CEO of a competitor, he made what he thought was a successful transition.  But before too long he realised his vision for the company was completely at odds with the major shareholder and not being able to reach a compromise he decided to cut his losses and leave.

He was now in a quandary – should he return to his comfort zone and look for similar positions in the type of company he was used to or start afresh with something new. Fifty-one seemed much too young to retire. He felt there was at least one more ‘big’ job in him and he wasn’t ready to settle for NED roles and a portfolio type career.

Sessions with a career consultant at Rutbusters helped Miles to understand what really drove him and what experience and skills he could offer other companies. He realised how much he had enjoyed motivating younger colleagues and helping them set and realise their goals, as well as seeing what tangible difference he personally could make to a company’s success.

Miles is now working as the CEO of a start-up specialising in artificial intelligence. His vast experience and ‘grey hairs’ provides the company with both strategic direction and credibility. Mentoring his young and talented team gives him both personal satisfaction and energises him too. The whole experience has given him and his life a much needed re-boot and now retirement seems a long way off.