Dan came to us as he was in a quandary. He had a successful career in a bank in New York but he felt he was stagnating and was losing the joy for his job and his lifestyle.

It would have been easy to have continued – the money was good and his social life was active, but he missed his family back in the UK and saw all his friends starting to settle down, have children and have a different style of living. They all said they envied him but that almost made matters worse, as he didn’t feel that way himself.

Sessions with a Rutbusters’ coach helped Dan get to the root of his dissatisfaction and helped him start to explore what really motivated him and what were the most important things he wanted to achieve in the next 5-10 years.

During the two Covid years, when travelling was restricted, Dan had taken the opportunity to take an online MSc in Humanitarian Action which he really enjoyed and excelled in the course work. He had done this more for the challenge and intellectual stimulation but hadn’t thought beyond that as he knew the salaries in this field wouldn’t come close to his banker’s pay. Coaching made him realise  that money was not a driver for him and when a position came up to lead a response team at a charity in the UK, he applied for the role and was thrilled to be given the opportunity. He is now back, living in Bristol and relishing his new life.