Susie had always wanted to be a teacher and had completed a PGCE post her degree in biology at a top university.  However after five years of teaching, Susie realised that it simply didn’t suit her; she was becoming stressed, anxious and very unhappy.  So she came to Rutbusters seeking some advice about what to do next. Like many people, she felt her options may be limited given that she was ‘getting older’. On top of this was the pressure from her peers who were becoming more established in their careers. This worried Susie who increasingly felt a career change might put her behind them, damaging her progress in life.

The truth turned out to be quite the opposite. After an initial discussion, it was clear that her current lifestyle and career was unsustainable and damaging her mental health.  Having gained reassurance from identifying fresh career options, Susie took the decision to step down from her role and take temporary work whilst focusing on finding a direction that suited her better.  She is now happily working for an events management company where she uses her creative and organisational skills, and has found that, rather than being a step backwards, the time with Rutbusters helped catapult her into a new and exciting profession.