Susie – 28

Rutbusters helped me realise that it’s never too late to re-think your career – I am so happy where I am now

Susie – 282023-07-24T21:29:55+01:00

Dan – 35

It was a huge leap to not only leave my job but also the country where I had lived for 8 years, but Rutbusters gave me confidence to make the move and I have never looked back

Dan – 352023-07-24T21:29:29+01:00

Miles, 51

I can’t tell you how much you have helped me over the past few months. I am not just back on track, I am full of optimism and excitement about this next phase in my life

Miles, 512023-07-24T21:30:24+01:00

Sally, 54

It has been such a long road – I would like to thank you for all that you have done helping me to get to this stage. Rutbusters is amazing.

Sally, 542022-12-19T18:02:59+00:00

David, 55

I cannot thank you enough – you helped me see clearly, explore the options from a position of strength and take what I know is a very positive step forward.

David, 552022-12-19T18:03:25+00:00

Bimpe, 51

I’d feared as I approached 50 that I might be heading for retirement – instead I’m embracing a whole new frontier and my working life is the most fulfilling it’s ever been.

Bimpe, 512022-12-19T18:04:02+00:00

Simon, 47

I had no idea someone like you existed to help me think through everything, guide me on the right decisions and help implement them.  What a service, what a godsend!

Simon, 472023-07-24T21:31:04+01:00

Rosie – 32

My sudden lack of confidence was something I had never experienced before, I am hugely grateful to my Rutbusters’ coach who helped me get back on track

Rosie – 322023-07-24T21:31:28+01:00

Andy, 52

'The time for paralysis and prevarication was over. Rutbusters gave me the confidence to take that leap'

Andy, 522022-12-20T16:24:12+00:00